exercise, adventure and caretaking (prices effective August 2019)



Walking -
$30/30min walk;
$40/1hr adventure hike

Keeping your canine companion physically and mentally stimulated is key to a happy and healthy dog's life.


burn off some energy or make it an adventure!

Whether your pup needs regular daily exercise, an extra outing to burn off some extra energy, or lives for long robust hikes in the bush, we are up for as much adventure and exploring as they are.


Obedience -
$50/one-on-one session;
$40/group class (max. 4 dogs/group)

Communication and understanding between you and your dog will ensure that your days together and a fun and safe experience for everyone.


OUT WITH THE OLD (TRICKS) and in with the new.

Modifying your dog's existing behaviour is just as important as learning new ones. Whether there is something you want your dog to stop doing, or new tricks to stimulate your furry friend's brain (not to mention show off to your friends) we can not only train your dog, but we'll provide you with the skills to teach your dog yourself!

Pet Sitting -
$50/daily visit;

We can't always be so lucky as to take our pets with us on holiday, but don't let that stop you enjoying a hard-earned break! Take some time off with the peace of mind that your home and pets are in good hands.


CHECKING IN, OR a little extra?

Whether your pets (canine, feline, fish or other) only need regular feeding and exercise or a full-time house sitter, we can accomodate a range of options for you and your family. We'll even take the bins in and out and water the plants while we're there!


Advanced/Assistance Skills -

Tricks can be more than just for fun - dog's have been helping their human companions during their day-to-day lives for thousands of years!


more than just man's "best friend"

The most common example of this we see are Guide Dogs, but dogs can be trained to open doors, switch lights on and off and pick up household objects. Whatever your situation, we can help you assess how assistance skill training can make your life safer and easier.