The Pointy End Of Dog Safety

Safety around your dog - or any dog for that matter - is incredibly important. Incidents of dog bites can result in severe physical and emotional trauma for the victim, including expensive surgery and residual scarring, and often the death of the dog by council ordered “destruction”, regardless of the wishes of the person bitten.

With their soft, wet noses, their adoring eyes and their soft fluffy bodies we often forget that the adorable furry flatmate in their home descended from an apex predator, and while thousands of years of domestications has certainly bred out most of the predatory drive from Fido, he still has the teeth and bite strength roughly two-thirds that of a wolf!

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds complacency. Even around your own dog, or a dog that you are familiar with, you should never have your face in the path of a dog’s mouth - doubly so if you are not familiar with that dog. A dog’s reflexes are incredibly quick, and

they can seriously injure a person a person even if they don’t do so intentionally - dog’s “play” with one another roughly, and our skin isn’t anywhere near as durable as their thick coat of fur.

What’s that I hear? Your dog isn’t like that and is as gentle as a mouse? Here’s another GREAT reason to keep your dog’s mouth away from your face.


Ever had to go to your local pharmacy and ask where the worming medication for people is, all the while hoping that your tell-tale walk doesn’t give away that it isn’t for you?

Trust me, do that just once and you won’t go and let a dog lick your face any time soon.

Stay safe and have a Good Dog’s Day.

Vincent Coleman